Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Reflections and Images Part 1

I developed some film the other day, and I put all of the photos on CDROM so that I could upload some of them onto the site here. These are all photos that I've taken since I arrived in Hokkaido. Looking at these photos is a good way to take a look back on my first seven months in Muroran.

The first section starts with some photos I took the day (8/15/05) I arrived in Muroran. I had some time to kill before I could catch up with Hiroshi and get let into my apartment, so I headed out to Noboribetsu Hot Springs for a bath and a look around. Here's what I saw.

Lake Kuttara, just across the Noboribetsu City border and over into Shiraoi Town. It is a clear and near-perfectly round caldera lake. This photo actually turned out pretty well. (8/15/05)

Oyunuma (translation: big hot water swamp). Yep. That's what it is. A swamp with a 1000 meter circumference, a 50 degree Celsius temperature at the edges and a 130 degree Celsius temperature at its deepest.

A view of Oyunuma from above.

This day, the principal of Starfish High, another teacher (Fuji) and I went to an Ainu festival. It was a prayer ceremony to the kamui (deity) of the river that salmon would be able to swim safely upstream to spawn. There are chunks of smoked salmon around a small fire on the left-hand side of the photo. I took one home after the festival. It was goooooood. (end of August?, 2005)

The principal of Starfish High and I at an Ainu ceremony in Noboribetsu City. Those are traditional Ainu clothes we are wearing.

Wasabi-kun, with the Hidaka mountain range in the distance. (sometime in September, 2005)

Yours truly at Cape Erimo. Whaddaya mean you can't read the sign?

The ocean. Just look at it. Damn.

I loved the way this shot was framed, but that white spot kind of ruins the effect. It's still a decent photo, though.

My good friends Masahiro (Nabe) and Fusako (Fu) at their wedding in Nagoya. (10/1/05)

Nabe and Fu, part 2.

Nabe and Fu cutting the wedding cake.

This photo speaks for itself.

This is from the day after Nabe and Fu's wedding. A bunch of us headed out to Atsuta Jingu to eat some eel, and while we were waiting for a table, we checked out the shrine. (10/2/05)

From the Cape Chikyu field trip. A view back into Muroran from the hills on the way to Cape Chikyu. The city's pride and joy, the Hakucho Bridge (Swan Bridge), can be seen in the distance, past the factories. (10/5/05)

I like how I was able to get the boat in the picture.

Steep cliffs on the way out to Cape Chikyu.

That is some blue water...

The lighthouse at Cape Chikyu.

All I need now are some red energy beams shooting out of my eyes.

On board the USS Lassen with the captain and Starfish High's principal. (10/12/05)

Rich and Kuni at their Shinto wedding at Usa Shrine. (11/05/05)

Rich and Kuni at their church wedding at Kijima Plateau outside of Beppu.

A collection of remote-controlled ca...wait, those are real. Mini Coopers.

To be continued....


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