Sunday, June 25, 2006

Koyoi No Hatago ha Izuko e?

...or, "Where am I staying tonight?"

Today Nabe, Fusako and I got up early and headed east.

We went to check out a couple of Edo period "rest stations" on the Nakasen-do, a road that travelers took between Kyoto (the former capital) and Edo (Tokyo). The two places we went to see were Magome and Tsumago, both located in the Kiso valley on the border of Gifu and Nagano Prefectures. They were very interesting places to visit. There were hatago (old hotels), museums covering the historical relevance of these stations, and shops selling all kinds of snacks (YUM!), which all created a pervasive atmosphere of the Edo Period. Very cool. Plus, Nabe filled me in on all sorts of historical info connected with the area. He would make an awesome history teacher.

So we cruised around all day, checking out these places, and then they took me to the airport to see me off.

We had dinner at an airport restaurant that served Nagoya specialties.

Curry udon noodles and a pork cutlet with a miso sauce. Very, VERY good.

Definitely made up for the atrocity of the day before.

I am really lucky to have friends like Nabe and Fu-chan. Thanks a bunch, you guys. Take care of that baby of yours.


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