Thursday, October 06, 2005

Rockin' Out at Starfish High

My school has a lot of different clubs, even with it being so small. The main club is basketball. The boys' and girls' basketball teams are one of the two big sales points for our school (the other being our excellent English program, of which I am a part, haha). We also have a flower arrangement club (kado), a Japanese tea ceremony club (sado), boys' and girls' tennis, choir, Japanese archery (kyudo), an English Speaking Society, a baseball club (they play catch - not enough members) and the keiongakubu (music lovers' club).

Gosh, I hope I didn't forget anybody.

Today, four of the keiongakubu students had a try-out session to see if they could perform in our open school ceremonies over the next couple of weekends. Our high school (aka Starfish High) is a private high school, and we have to work really hard to recruit new students every year. So Open School is a VERY big deal. 200 students from Muroran and about 100 students from the surrounding areas will come to Starfish High to see what we're all about.

During opening ceremonies, the band will perform.

They passed their try-out.

I will also be performing with them.

The bassist asked me to sing on Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit". At this time, anyone who knew me in high school will be busting a pancreas laughing. Heck, I don't claim to be Kurt. I'm merely a shallow representation of Kurt.

The band also asked me to sing on "Linda Linda", a really famous Japanese punk song by the Blue Hearts. A personal karaoke favorite of mine, as well. Needless to say (notice how people still say what doesn't need to be said after prefacing it with this?), I was more than happy to accept.

Our other English teacher played bass while one of the girls sang the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Other Side", and then the students played "Koi no Uta", a Japanese pop song.

We did well enough to get the okay. Now we have to fine-tune the performances in time for Open School. Since we will be playing in front of all of the students during Opening Ceremonies, we had to cut the set back to two songs: "Linda Linda" and "Other Side".

I will finally realize my dream to become....[cue dramatic music - tympanies and stuff].....

...[exaggeratedly hushed] a ROCK STAR!


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