Wednesday, November 02, 2005


My apologies for yesterday's post. I was falling asleep at my keyboard, and I wanted to get something posted before I passed out with my head on the keys, leaving a post that looked something like this:

for about fifty pages. And having key dents in my face wouldn't have been much fun either.
I've noticed something odd. When I was in high school (PHS), my school's football team was never very good. I graduate and move on to college. Suddenly, PHS is winning at State. (Scroll down until you find Washington.)
And now that I've graduated from university, CWU's football team goes and does this.
I'm going to keep it short today, because I've got an early morning tomorrow. Up at 5 and out the door by 6. I've got a plane to catch.
My good buddy Rich is getting married and I'm gonna be there to see it happen.
Iza, Oita!


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