Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Mountains of Work

I love my coworkers in the English Department at Starfish High.

Hiroshi picked me up at the bus stop yesterday, which was a good thing, because I had too dang much baggage. He snickered and gave me an "I told you so" look. Yep, he was right. I came back with more stuff than I left with.

But that's not why I say I love my coworkers. Although the ride was appreciated. Carrying that damn bag was killing my knee.

As a parting shot before he headed home after driving me back to my apartment, he said, "We've got mountains of stuff for you to do tomorrow."

Umm, thanks...

Not "See you at work tomorrow."
Not "Take it easy."
Not "Wanna come over for dinner sometime this week?"

"We've got mountains of stuff for you to do tomorrow."

Make me feel even happier to be back, why don't you.

So I head into work this morning, a little less than enthused. Oh yeah, I walked to work today, too. I'm a little afraid to try and start up Wasabi-kun.

There was a small booklet on my desk.

There was also a note on it.

"Dustin, I need you to go through and check the English in this. Make sure there's nothing that would make Starfish High look bad. - Hiroshi"

Aah, spin control. Gotta love it.

So I go to work editing it. It's a booklet for a farewell party we're having tomorrow for the two exchange students at Starfish High. They're leaving to head back to their respective countries on Saturday, so we're having a little send-off for them.

After I finished that, Hiroshi hit me with the next big task.

We will be having entrance exams for prospective students...sometime soon. My task was to design the test questions for the listening portion of the exam, and to come up with a couple of other test questions, too.

Apparently last week, on Thursday and Friday, while Hiroshi and the other English teacher, Shizuka, were making the test, they left the majority of it unfinished. When the vice-principal asked them why there were all of these unfinished sections on the test, they answered,

"Oh, that's something Dustin will take care of."
"And this part here?"
"And this?"
"That's Dustin's, too. He'll do it on Tuesday."

I love my coworkers.

I love how they figured I could just get it done in one day. I appreciate the confidence they place in me (this part to be read sarcastically), but it's not that easy, considering that I've never made an entrance exam before.

But once I got the gist of it, it was REALLY easy to do, and I finished up everything in about two and a half hours.

These two and a half hours came around a lunch break to eat pork cutlets with Eisaku, and a trip up to the third floor to knock icicles off the roof.

We have some vicious icicles hanging off our roof. They could kill you if they hit you straight on. But what really worries me is the half-ice/half-snow hanging off the roof. Now THAT'S scary.

So I finished up the test in time for Hiroshi to take it in to the entrance exam committee meeting, and then I walked on home.

And promptly went to bed.


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