Thursday, March 30, 2006

Reflections and Images Part 2

And so continues our saga...

A beach in Toyoura. This is from the day I made the trip out to Koboro Station. (11/23/05)

Along the coast of Toyoura. Lots of rock formations sticking up out of the water there. It makes for a beautiful drive. I got that fishing boat in the shot, too.

This is Asahihama Station, two stops away from Koboro Station on the Muroran Line. It is ranked on the hikyo-eki list, but unfortunately for all of the mysterious station lovers throughout Japan, trains no longer stop at this station. It closed down as of March 17, 2006.

Get off the train at Asahihama Station, and you'll see...this store. And that's all. Notice that I snuck Wasabi-kun in the picture.

The line just stretches off into the distance.

I love how the snowy mountains show up in the back.

The view of the station as I headed down to the beach. Not much there. Not much at all. The two buildings there are there for some reason that I am unaware of.

The view of the ocean as I walked down the path to the beach.

Cliffs to the left of me.

Clifts to the right.

Strike that pose! You're vogue!

Eight trains stop at Koboro Station each day. Eight. Five going west toward Oshamanbe, three heading east toward Muroran. Why the imbalance? I have no idea. What I do know is if you miss one, you can be in a world of hurt.

Waiting for my train to get away from Koboro Station. It was raining, after all.

A little waterfall I found on the way up into the hills in Hirata. (1/2/06)

How in the hell did that boat get up there?

Sights like these make me believe in God.

Swans in a field along Hakucho Road, Yasugi. (1/4/06)

A 3D representation of a Japanese emergency exit sign, made completely out of snow, at the Snow Festival in Sapporo. (2/10/06)

A giant Buddha, again made completely out of snow, at the Snow Festival in Sapporo.

Maruyama Park, Sapporo.

The purification fountain at Hokkaido Jingu. It was really cold. I mean, just look at that ice.

The changing of the guard. (3/9/06)

Off into the sunset. Tassha de na, Wasabi -kun!

There you have it. My first seven months in Muroran. Let's hope the next seven are as eventful.


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