Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Cove Chronicles - Day 3: Relatives Arrive

Mom and Dad contacted pretty much everybody we knew and invited them to come to the Kidd Family Ranch for a barbecue party on Sunday. The first arrivals were Czar and Megan, but more people started showing up today.

Uncle Ray and Aunt Kay brought Grandma Nelson up from Idaho Falls.
Uncle Steve, Aunt Barbara, my cousin Melanie and her three munchkins came up from Boise.

Things started to get interesting around the house.

As it was ungodly hot outside, Czar, Megan, and I spent most of the day indoors, although we made a quick trip into town to rent a couple videos.

"Sky High", which was a fairly typical Disney flick, but it had The Bruce in it. Oh, and Kurt Russell.


"Doom", which was a fairly typical video game adaptation, but it had The Rock in it, and the BFG. Heh.

All in all, a relaxed, laid-back day. Good times at home in Cove.


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