Saturday, October 08, 2005

Slingin' English For The Man

I got it!

It's here!

The Rock is here!

Finally...The Rock has come BACK! Muroran...

I'm enjoying my freshly arrived copy of "Walking Tall". The Rock taking out bad guys with a 2x4. What more does one need on a Saturday night?

Hmmm...maybe a date?

Today was the first day of yet another three-day weekend. Fall in Japan is nice because we get around four national holidays over about a two-month period. Even though it was Saturday, I was out slingin' English for the Man.

Today, the Iburi (translation: shaking gall bladder) Regional English Recitation Contest was held over in Noboribetsu. Starfish High's finest foreign English teachers (see also: only) responded to the call to action, and headed over to pass judgment on the English ability of 21 junior high school students.

The students were really very talented, but you come across the same types of problems each time you judge one of these competitions. Difficulties with "l", "r", "th", "v", "f". Not enough expression. Going the other way and overdoing it. In the overall scheme of things, though, it's not all that important, because these kids were GOOD. Hopefully a few of them will choose Starfish High next year.

Well, I think it's about time to head out for a couple of beers and some yakitori (chicken, or the unique to Muroran pork, on a pointy stick). Then back home for my ugly sleep (I gave up on beauty a long time ago), and off to Sapporo tomorrow. Life is good.

I leave you with a pic of me, my car, and my new digs.


Blogger Sizzlean said...

Havok - nice job on avoiding the SUV craze. For those of you who wondered how Havoc used to get around in his eariler days - check this out (Yes that thing did attract the ladies back in the the pacific northwest)

Is that your crib in the Background? My bro is going to be angry like Magneto at a Tupperware party. Google Dwell Magazine & you'll get some flavor. Put a sign on the front of your house that says "Smackdown Hotel."

Treaty of Versailles and I'm out


Saturday, October 08, 2005 9:44:00 PM  

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