Friday, December 23, 2005

Girls Rocks

Today, some of my students performed in a concert at the local NHK building.

They went by the name "Release".

They'd given me a ticket and asked me to show up and watch, so I made sure I was there.

The name of the event was "Girls Rocks". Only bands with two or more ladies, and preferably one on vocals, were allowed to perform. There was a band made up of older folks who played Ventures-style music, and they were dang good. There was a band from Pure Water Hill High that did a very cool cover of a Shiina Ringo tune.

Release played quite well, and were able to stand on their own among the other bands.

It was a fun show, and afterwards, I took one of my students out for a bowl of ramen. We had a very good talk, and the ramen was very tasty.

Afterwards, I dropped him off at his dorm and came back home, where I spent a rather uneventful evening.


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