Friday, January 13, 2006

Oops...We Did It Again

The day before he leaves...and he realizes that he's way over the allowed weight limit for baggage.

The exchange student from Australia goes home tomorrow, and he realizes the day before that he's going to have to send stuff home. This realization comes at 3 in the afternoon.

Foreigners, as a general rule, tend to do this sort of thing right before we leave. I know I have.

Leaving Shimane University to go back home, I was cleaning my room up right until I left. People had come to see me off and had to wait because I was still cleaning.

Leaving Hakuta to move to Izumo, I had about a week's worth of leeway, which I spent driving between Izumo and Hakuta in my little car moving all of my stuff. The day I finally checked out of the apartment, Hiroshi's brother came over to help me clean up.

Leaving Izumo to come to Muroran, I had a friend come over and help me pack a bit the night before, and then most of the other ALTs came that morning to help me finish packing by throwing stuff in boxes. I also ended up having a friend mail a bunch of my stuff up to me.

I am so very sorry. I appreciate and am endlessly thankful for everyone's help.

I also realize that I will probably do it again when I leave this apartment.

Anyway, to help The Ozzie Boy out, Hiraga Sensei and I trucked it on over to the post office and snagged him some boxes. Apparently, things worked out. Hiroshi wouldn't let him hear the end of it, though.

Such is the way most foreigners tend to be. Some of them even leave all of their crap for the next person to take care of.

Happened to me.


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