Monday, February 13, 2006

I Have Never Seen...

...this many lost-looking junior high school students.

We had class for the first two periods today, and then it was cleaning time. Starfish High's entrance exams start tomorrow, with written tests in the morning and interview tests in the afternoon.

Unlike last time, where the students taking the tests and interviewing actually wanted to come here, the majority of the students this time around will be coming here to practice for the entrance exam tests at public schools. To most students, we are seen as a suberi-dome school, a school to "stop the slide". In other words, we're a last resort. The general idea is something like this...
"If I can't make it into the school I really want to get into, at least I will have passed the test there and will be able to go somewhere for high school."
Lovely attitude, wouldn't you say.


So we spent the rest of the morning cleaning the school. Jack and I went to a local sushi restaurant for lunch, and when we came back, the junior high school kids started pouring in.

Wow. This year we have around 160 students taking our entrance exam. Most of them showed up to check out how the testing area was set up. I went around and talked with some of the students, but basically we didn't really have anything to do. So, Jack and I went to the English Den, opened up his computer, and watched "A History Of Violence". Impressive film. Viggo Mortenson is amazing in this film. The violence suits the word itself, and is sudden and shocking. Wow.

The other thing I did in the afternoon at work was go through the prospective student files and make some notes on things to ask during the interview exams tomorrow. After that, I got a ride out to Date from Jack. I went to the Cultural Center and helped out with the English play that they are doing for elementary and junior high-school students. Then, after getting some dinner at a student's house, I caught the train back to Washibetsu and slipped all the way home.

Mild weather and rain in the afternoon will do that to the snowbanks all over the place. Quite the experience getting home.


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