Sunday, February 26, 2006

I Make As Much Per Hour As Bill Gates!

Today I had to work.

Getting up at 6:30 on a Sunday morning...not so much fun.

STEP Test interviews again today, so I had to make my way clear over to the other side of town to Pure Water Hill High. When my car was running, this was not a problem. Now, however, it's a problem. (I won't be getting my new car until later this week, so I am still without wheels.)

A short walk over to Washibetsu Station, followed by a train ride to Muroran Station, followed by a taxi ride to Pure Water Hill High. There were a bunch of bikes in front of the station that have probably been there since the first big snowfall back in November.

The modern-day wooly mammoth, frozen in the ice.
[This is the first picture I've taken with my new cell phone. Bigger, better photos! (Still hasn't cleaned my room yet, though.)]

Last time I was an interviewer for the STEP Test, I interviewed three people. This time, I interviewed two. Thirty minutes, and I was done. And I still received monetary compensation equal to that of the previous time.

I wonder if I should feel bad about this. I do the least amount of work but make the most money.



Nope. After all, that's what teaching English in Japan is all about! Ask any JET Program participant. (I kid, of course. But some people would say this in all seriousness and be totally satisfied with themselves.)

If you took the money I made and calculated it out into an hourly wage, I'd be making a fine chunk of money. I wish I was getting an hourly wage of $340. That would rock.

Oh yeah, I got a free lunch out of the deal, too. Woo-hoo!


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