Saturday, April 01, 2006

The New Year

The new Japanese fiscal year starts today, as does the new school year.

I find this odd that it coincides with April Fool's Day.

At Starfish High, it meant we had to rearrange our desks in the office and add a couple of new desks to accommodate new teachers. That was about it.

Oh, my new contract also starts today, although there is still a little bit of fine tuning with the wording of the contract that needs to be worked out.

My new car hit the 1000 kilometer mark today. Not even a month yet, and I'm packing on the kilometers.

I headed over to Date today for a party at the house of one of the students who performed in the play. Seamus was there as well, and it was a lot of fun. Pasta and sammiches. Yum.

We watched some TV and played some card games, and generally had a relaxing afternoon.

Then I went for a drive for a while, swinging out to the beach in Toyoura that I visited last November. It was a little cold, what with my new haircut and all, but the sound of the waves was all that could be heard. Nice and peaceful.

Then I cruised back home, making a quick stop in Date to take this picture.

My prayers have been answered! A Date Clinic! Well, it looks like my social life will be looking up from here on out!

Huh? Whaddaya mean it's a health clinic in Date (pronounced dah-tay) City, and not a Date Clinic? That's just not fair. False advertising!

All told, nothing particularly foolish today. Us fools leave today up to everyone else.


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