Friday, May 26, 2006

The Big Catch-Up

So after Golden Week, I spent the better part of the following week recovering from the trip.

"Tired" was the theme of that week, although I did go out and pick up something nice for Mom for Mother's Day...

...I just haven't sent it to her yet.

Seamus and I were planning on cruising up to Sapporo to check out a Japanese movie, but he came down with tonsillitis, and I came down with empty-walletitis. I did hang out with our friend Risa and her sister while they were in town for some family stuff. Ramen and karaoke. Oh yeah.

The first part of the next week (5/15-5/21) was taken up with work. The latter half was more dedicated to play. Thursday and Friday, the kyudo team was in Tomakomai for a tournament. I had to go out to Tomakomai on Thursday to fill out some visa renewal paperwork, and I swung by the tournament afterwards. Friday, I drove out early with the kyudo instructor and watched the whole tournament. Seamus, who had finally recovered from his tonsillitis, was also out in Tomakomai that day to change his visa status, so he came over and watched some of the action, too. After grabbing a late lunch with the instructor and Hiroshi, we caught a showing of "The Producers". Very, very funny stuff. It was a little sad seeing Ferris Bueller as a neurotic, slightly overweight accountant, but it was still pretty funny. Then it was off to the airport to pick up his parents, who flew in from Montana to do some biking around Hokkaido. I offered to pick them up, but there was no way to fit bikes, suitcases and parents in the same car. After some searching, we found a hotel in the airport that let us leave the bikes there for the night. Then I drove everyone back to Date.

Saturday, Seamus and I swung by the airport and picked up the bikes and then headed off to Sapporo to catch another movie, "Tachiguishi Retsuden". This was the same movie we ended up canceling on the week before. The movie defies my poor ability for explanation, especially since I'm not sure how much of the story I grasped, so check out the link and click on "more" in the "User Comments" section. One quick comment about the bikes. The boxes were so big that Seamus and I had top scoot our seats pretty far forward just to get them in the car. It made getting in and out of the car, plus driving, a bit of an interesting experience. We had to take stretch breaks all the way back to Date.

Sunday, I relaxed at home, catching a few extra z's. In the evening, I met up with Seamus and his folks, grabbed some dinner, and caught a showing of "The Da Vinci Code". Having read the book before seeing the movie took a lot of the suspense out of the film, but Ian McKellen was brilliant, and the film was pretty faithful to the book, with a few interesting visual effects thrown in here and there.

This week (5/22-5/26) was another hectic one. Monday, I joined John and Katie from Pure Water Hill High at a party for some student teachers at their school, one of whom was the older sister of a student who graduated from Starfish High back in March. Good for a laugh. I don't know if going to that party was the cause, but I was really worn out after work on Tuesday, and felt pretty lousy. I went to bed and woke up one minute after I was supposed be at work. Bad way to start a Wednesday. I made it through the day, cruised home, went to bed at five thirty and woke up thirteen hours later. Yeesh. Thursday was a karaoke night with some of the other teachers in town, followed by a pillaging of Seamus's apartment on Friday. He was moving out the next day, and he said I could plunder whatever I wanted from his place. I came back home with a couch, some blank CDs, spices, incense, books, and a coffee pot. Good deal. I also swung by Katie's place on the way back from Date to catch some of her Japanese food party. Fun stuff, although I was pretty full from the ramen meal Seamus, his folks and I had before I plundered his place.

And that pretty much covers the goings-on of the past few weeks.

Tomorrow, I climb a mountain.


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