Monday, May 01, 2006

A Golden Week

Well, folks, I'm off today after work. I split out of town at exactly 4:30.

Japan has a space of about ten days between the end of April and the beginning of May that is referred to as "Golden Week". Basically, it's a bunch of national holidays that happen during this period of time. (Read more here.)

So right around this time, everybody and their mother take off for somewhere around the country. Which makes Golden Week a prime time to visit Tokyo. Apparently, nobody's there.

I will be taking tomorrow off from work and enjoying my vacation by touring around Hokkaido. I need the break. Hot springs and rock shows and coastlines, oh my! Should be fun. I'll be back with an update on my journey next week. Oh yeah, there will be pictures, too.

Oh, and a quick "Congrats" to Starfish High's boys' and girls' basketball teams. They both won in the Muroran Spring Basketball Tournament this weekend. I went and cheered them on both days. Between that, running out to Tomakomai for some SBC coffee and an errand my Dad sent me on (which I wasn't able to take care of in Tomakomai, so I had to come back to Muroran and take care of it), making a trip to the pool to swim, and packing for this week's trip, my weekend flew right by.

I also watched these three movies. Good stuff.


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