Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No Freaking WAY Did I Just See That!

So I'm at home, enjoying a pizza and watching some ridiculous Japanese TV show about how famous people use their money and how much a bank would loan them, and a commercial comes on.

First, there's a young woman sitting on her bed and saying to herself, "If only my breasts were a little bigger..."

Then, another woman comes on the screen and is looking at her face in a mirror. "If only I could open my eyes a little more..."

Then, another woman comes on, rubbing the bridge of her nose. "If only the bridge of my nose were a little higher..."

And I think to myself, "No way would they even DARE to go the way I think they're going..."

Then a voice-over comes on, saying, "If you could change yourself, maybe the world would change with you..."

And I think, "You wouldn't..."

And then four kanji appear on the screen. They read, "Sekai Heiwa", or "World Peace".

And then the business being advertised comes on the screen.

"Suzuki Plastic Surgery and Orthodontists"





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