Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Cove Chronicles - Day 4: The Party

Sunday, and the big event of the day at the Kidd Family Household...
...was a big ol' barbecue.
People from Dad's office, neighbors, and a whole yardful of relatives. Aunts, uncles, cousins, little babies, coworkers...there were a heckuvalot of people there. On the menu were burgers, hot dogs, chorizos, Mom's spinach dip, Mom's clam dip, pickled asparagus, fruit salad, huckleberry cheesecake...

Basically, the folks pulled out all the stops.

It was a very cool "Welcome Back, Dustin" party.

Grandma Nelson was there.

As was the Czar. Unfortunately, as he had school and Megan had work the next day, they had to boogie out of there around 3 PM. It was damn good to hang out with him again, and we started making plans for him to come down to San Diego and visit.

Andrea and Mark came up that morning with their dog Blue and hung out for a while, but they had to get back home that night to get ready for that rafting trip.

And although he showed up a bit late for the main festivities, Dave made it down from the Tri-Cities too.

Damn good to see him as well.

So all told, I saw a lot of people I hadn't seen for too long, ate a lot of food that I hadn't eaten for too long, and relaxed for the first time in too damn long.

Good times.

Thanks, Mom and Dad.


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