Saturday, July 29, 2006

The San Diego Chronicles - Day 7: Sea World

Today we met Denise at the International House and then caught the bus to Sea World.

We just let everybody loose on Sea World after we got there, making sure that everyone knew where and when to meet that afternoon. Then The guys and I followed Denise over to the dolphin show.

Dolphins rule. This was a fun show. Leaps, laughs, and lots of folks getting splashed.

We checked out the shark building, and the arctic building, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

We also caught the Shamu show.

Wow. Orcas, up close and personal. Pictures would have been nice, but the guys and I made it a point to sit where we would get splashed. We also made it a point to buy clownfish hats. But that's another story.

After the Shamu show, I grabbed some (expensive) lunch and checked out a few more places. The starfish pool was neat.

Gotta love penguins. They rock.

Flamingos are pretty cool too.

It seemed like everybody had a pretty good time, but you can tell that there's a bit of a tiredness setting in on the group. I'm not sure how things will turn out, but it could get a lot worse before it gets any better. I'm just going to watch how things play out.

All told, Sea World was fun, but I was kinda bummed that I missed out on all the action back in the Hillcrest area, where I am staying. I think it would have been a great cultural experience for the students as well. Heh heh.


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