Thursday, October 05, 2006

Once Around The Dial

Well, it's been exactly a year since I started this blog.

I've been slacking off lately updating this thing as of late.

I was too busy and didn't have enough Internet access in the US to update it while I was there (July 13 - August 20).

I didn't particularly feel like doing anything with it for a while after I got back. I didn't particularly feel like doing much of anything for quite a while after I got back. (August 20 - sometime in mid-September).

Now I'm trying to update the stuff I should have put in quite a while ago, and falling behind doing it.

I've also been taking trips every weekend, to take advantage of my free time that will be nonexistent once October hits full swing. My weekends from here until the end of October are shot. School functions every single weekend.

Also, once it rolls into November, I won't be able to get out and about. I remember last winter, and I have no desire to attempt driving on snowy Hokkaido roads with insane Hokkaido drivers.

So, I'll update old stuff when I can and try and keep pace with the new stuff as it comes along.

Welcome to The Muroran Chronicles, Year 2.


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