Friday, September 01, 2006

Sixteen Men On A Dead Man's Chest...

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

Or two, as in this case.

There's a distillery down in Okinawa that makes rum.

One of the major crops grown in Okinawa is sugar cane, and although awamori is the more well-known booze to come out of Okinawa, sugar cane is really all you need to make rum.

I found out about this company when I read an in-flight magazine, and decided to order some rum from them.

The bottles came today. Yay!

The red one is rum made from the normal distilling process, which means that it uses sugar processed from the cane. The green one is rum made through a much rarer process, namely that the cane is squeezed to get liquid sugar out, and that liquid is used to make rum.

I think the green bottle's rum tastes a little better, but they both make good rum-and-cokes.

Shiver me timbers and make 'em walk the plank.



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