Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Ten Thousand Kilo Mark

I bought my car back in March, and today, on my way out to Tomakomai to meet up with Minami (the girl from the Japaharinet show), my car hit the 10000 kilometer mark.

Even after being in the States for an entire month, I'm still on my 20,000 kilometers a year pace.

Living in Hokkaido makes that easy.

I met Minami at Tomakomai Station, and then we drove out to a restaurant that serves kiritanpo stew, a delicacy from Akita Prefecture. Why is there a restaurant in Tomakomai serving Akita delicacies?

Your guess is as good as mine.

But it was dang good.

After dinner, I drove Minami to Tomakomai Port so she could catch her ferry down to Hachinohe and go and see Japaharinet's show in Morioka the following day.

Fan dedication is a beautiful thing.

And then I drove home.


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