Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sea-what? Seahawks!

Well, well, well...

Looks like they can win a playoff game after all.

Some lucky punks were even at the game.

This was BIG news. Big news in a day where the most excitement for me was daring to take my car out of the garage for the first time in three weeks to go shopping and go to an onsen in the evening.

The question now is...


I'm skipping work if the Seahawks make the Super Bowl. Why? Because the freaking game will be broadcast Monday morning here. No way in hell will I miss out on watching the Seahawks (notice that nobody's calling them the Sea Chickens or Sea Turkeys or whatever other derogatory name they can think of anymore?) play in the BIGGEST SPORTING EVENT IN THE WORLD!!!!! (Yeah, other than that thing they call the World Cup.)

Go 'Hawks!


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