Monday, February 27, 2006

Regarding Being a Foreigner in Japan

So I want to buy a car.

I am without the funds to pay it all off right away, so I am willing to take a bit of a hit with interest and pay it off on a three-year payment plan.

I do not like to use credit cards or borrow money from people, but in this case it can't be helped.

So I applied for a payment plan though Mitsubishi's Hokkaido credit company.

Their response?


At least, "If it's just him? DENIED."

What a big surprise.

As a foreigner in Japan, you just can't catch a break when it comes to loans.

We are, to put it lightly, considered to be a LIABILITY.

We have to get someone with Japanese citizenship to be a loan guarantor. Y'know, just in case we decide to flee the country or something.

For crying out loud! I'm willing to buy a new car and commit to a three-year loan on it, which pretty much means I have committed to living in Muroran for the NEXT THREE FREAKING YEARS! What's the matter, Mr. Credit Card Company Guy? My money not good enough for you? I have to have a Japanese national backing me up in case I decide to screw you over on the loan payments like the evil scheming conniving foreigner I am?

[The next few lines were edited out for content, i.e. I swore a lot.]

The guy from the car company is doing his best to get me a break from the credit company, but it's not going to happen. My friend Rue couldn't get a loan to buy a freaking computer. How am I supposed to get a loan for a car on my own?

I'm not going to drag Hiroshi in on this, and I don't know anyone else here well enough that I could ask them to back me up.

I'll work out something, I guess.

[more swearing edited out]


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