Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl...Monday?

Damn time difference.

Eight hours till kickoff.

That means while folks in the States will be sitting down with their pizzas and beers and whatever elses, I will be sitting down in front of my desk to sling English for the Man.

The game is being broadcast live over here. At eight AM.

I don't have the channel it's being shown on. So I will be hunting all over the Internet for a radio station that I can listen to the game on.

Go Seahawks.

Earn the NW some respect.

Respect we didn't get when the Mariners tied the record for wins in a season (116) and then failed to make it to the World Series. We aren't going to talk about who they lost to.

Respect that hack writers like Skip Bayless fail to give the Seahawks, saying they are a weak team in a weak division and don't deserve to be there.
[Editor's Note: After looking through some of his other columns at ESPN Page 2, despite all of his knocks against Seattle, he did stick up for us after the Super Bowl loss. Maybe he's not so bad. His insistence on calling the Seahawks Sea-Fraud tends to make a fan a tad...emotional.]

Respect that the Sonics and Trailblazers don't get.

Play a good tough game, and show the country that the Seahawks are a team that deserves to be playing on the big stage.

Give the kids in the NW something to cheer about.

Go Seahawks.


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