Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Compleat Shimane Saga

Since it took me so dang long to get everything typed out and posted about my trip to Shimane, none of the posts even show up in the "Recent Posts" area anymore. So here's links to the whole thing. My apologies for taking so long. Although, some of the posts are now updated with pictures. Take a look.

Day One - Transportation
Day Two - Stomping Grounds
Day Three - Ladies and Gentlemen...I give you...KONG! and Zombified Goodness.
Day Four - Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job!
Day Five - Izumo's Rockin' New Year's Eve Party
Day Six - Happy New Year 2006!
Day Seven - Communing With Nature
Day Eight - Kitcho-san, Shagiri, With a Side of Doso-kai
Day Nine - Drive On, It Don't Mean Nothin'
Day Ten - The Moment of Truth, Take 1
Day Eleven - The Moment of Truth, Take 2 and Other Stuff From Day Eleven
Day Twelve - One More Night in Izumo
Day Thirteen - Leaving Shimane...Again and Reflections
Day Fourteen - Terror at Ten Thousand Feet!


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