Monday, January 30, 2006

Just The Facts, Sir

I finished classes today and headed back into the office to okay some stuff about tomorrow's English class with the vice-principal. I got the official okay, and as I was about to say thank you and get back to work, the vice principal hits me with THIS.

We got a phone call from the Muroran Police Station regarding you.


Ummm...I didn't do it?

I mean, my car's dead, for crying out loud! All I did yesterday was go out, eat some ramen, buy some milk, and go home! It can't be illegal to have a beer with your ramen on a Sunday afternoon, can it? I see people drink sake for breakfast! [various panicked noises continue]

Not that I want to distrust the local law enforcement, but I've heard some horror stories of foreigners dealing with the police. So I was a little alarmed.

I think the vice principal noticed my unease. He continued.

Well, the U.S. Navy's flagship is coming in to Muroran port this week, and just in case anything were to happen, they would like you to be on call to assist with any translation that might be necessary.

Oh. Ohh. Ohhhhh! [enlightenment]

Hey, anything I can do to help! For God and country, and all that, right sir? [a feeling of ease]

See, the USS Blue Ridge, a naval flagship, is coming in to town this Friday and will be in port for a week. I am to be on call 24/7 in case anything were to happen. Hopefully nothing will, but there's been a few cases recently where U.S. military servicemen have been involved in crimes over here, including a murder at the beginning of this month, and people are a bit edgy. This also means that the police are edgy.

Not necessarily a good mix.

There is a translation center in Sapporo, but with the road conditions the way they are now, it will easily take three hours to send a translator from Sapporo all the way here. So they wanted someone a little closer.

They found me.

I got to thinking about that...

How do they know about me?

It's not like I've really done anything in particular to make myself noticed.

That started to creep me out, until I asked the vice-principal. He told me that someone from City Hall recommended me to the police, as I had helped out with translating for a couple of events the last time a U.S. Navy ship was in port.

Oh, okay then.

On a related note, last Thursday I found an envelope on my desk. It said



I opened it up, and inside I found an official invitation from my government. I have once again been invited to an official Naval function, this time aboard the flagship. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Maybe I can talk with some of the sailors about the Super Bowl.


Blogger Sizzlean said...

You'd better go in full Boy scout attire, with your 12 merit badges in full view.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006 12:26:00 AM  
Blogger PeacefulWarrior said...


You are the biggest PIMP DADDY I KNOW! I can't wait to get a chance to visit you brotha! IT HAS TO HAPPEN THIS YEAR!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006 3:25:00 PM  

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