Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fried Pig Goodness

Today was time for another Debuwagon adventure!
(previous Debuwagon adventures can be read about here, here and here)

Eisaku and I piled into his Debuwagon and headed over to the Muroran Port area for lunch. Why not mine? Because my Debuwagon is a non-smoking Debuwagon, and since Starfish High is now officially a non-smoking school (not that people were smoking in the office or anything before...there was just a smoking room), Eisaku is having a rough go of things lately. So we headed out in the smoking Debuwagon to get our collective grub on.

We were headed for Ton-Cook, a pork cutlet restaurant that we had been hoping to visit last time we made a trip out that way. Unfortunately, that day was a Wednesday, which happens to be the day that Ton-Cook is closed. That's why we ended up at Tenkatsu, the tempura rice bowl restaurant. This time, we made sure we went on a day that Ton-Cook was open.

Eisaku and I both had stuff to take care of back at school, so we split early to get out there when the shop opened...at 11:30.

We got there early. Only by five minutes, but early all the same. They were opening the doors as we walked up, and we got the okay to go in.

After perusing the menu for a few minutes, we both decided we were intrigued by the "Big Pork Cutlet" on the menu. We asked the waitress how "big" the "Big Pork Cutlet" was, as she said, "Oh, about yay big" and gestured with her hands, showing us something about the size of a DVD case. Okay, not a problem. I was a little concerned until then, because I had my doubts that I could polish off something deliberately listed on the menu as "Big". My concerns were alleviated, and both Eisaku and I ordered a Big Pork Cutlet.

This is the point where I regret not bringing my cell phone along.

When the dang things came out, they were about as big as my head! And I'm only exaggerating a little bit. They were HUGE! Crisp and tender, yes, but HUGE!

The sauce was excellent and the cutlet went down quite well, although I was unable to finish mine off. Eisaku finished his off and had seconds of rice. The man is a GOD.

After heading back to work and taking care of a few things, sleepiness from a big heavy meal hit me.

Then, about an hour before I was done at school, it happened.

The Revenge Of The Pig.

Ugh. Feeling...sick...to...stomach. Slightly...nauseous. Too...greasy.

Probably served me right. I toughed it out for another hour and then cruised on home.

And went straight to bed.


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