Monday, June 05, 2006

My New TV Stand

So I had this old decrepit TV stand in my apartment.

It had a heavy TV on the top of it, and it tilted slightly to the right.

I tried several times to tighten the screws in it, but the tilt never straightened out. I became worried for the safety of said TV, my Playstation 2, my DVD player, and my stereo, which were all loaded into the same stand.

I got fed up with it on Saturday night, and took it apart. This forced me to go out and buy a new one (which I had been contemplating for some time, but never got around to).

So on Sunday, I bought one in Tomakomai. I had to put it together by myself, and when I got ready to, the instructions said I needed glue.

I didn't have any glue, so I "borrowed" some from school today.

After taking all the parts out of the box, it turned out that I didn't need to "borrow" that glue after all; there was some in with all the parts.

So I put it together, glued and put in screws, set it all up, and now I have a new entertainment corner in my room.

My room feels a little more spacious now, although you can still see some of the mess. Ah well, it wouldn't be my apartment if it wasn't messy.


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