Monday, July 17, 2006

The Cove Chronicles - Day 5: Huckleberries

The day after the barbecue, it came time for people to take off for their various hometowns.

Uncle Ray and Aunt Kay left early in the morning to take Grandma Nelson back to Idaho Falls.

Grandma sure is a funny lady. We all love her, though.

After that, it was just the Shake clan and us. They all had to head back to Boise, but before that, we headed up into the hills, near the Eagle Cap Wilderness, to pick some huckleberries.

Bud, our new dog, came along with us, so while everybody else picked huckleberries, I took Bud for a walk.

There was a cool little river I found up walking around. Bud was pretty happy when we found it.

So after hiking around for a while, we turned around and headed back to where everybody was picking.

Here's my cousin Melanie's daughter Maya with her bucket of huckleberries. I think this picture is the ultimate definition of "adorable".

We bid the Shake clan a fond farewell and headed up to take a look at the Eagle Cap Wilderness trailhead. After hiking around a bit, we headed back home.

On the way there, I stopped and snapped some photos of the water line that brings water into Cove and La Grande. It's good water. Ask my Dad. He'll tell you how good it is. He may even bring you a jug full of it, if you're nice.

One more stop before we went home: an old church in Cove that has some cool stained glass windows.

It was a cool little place.

Then it was back home and downstairs to grab a beer and cool off. Now all I need to do is wait for Mom to make some of her huckleberry-raspberry jam from those berries. Oh yeah.


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