Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Snakes On A Bl...Oh Wait, That One's Taken

So I went out to Tomakomai this evening to watch "Snakes On A Plane".

I saw a bunch of ads for this film while I was in San Diego. Plus, I had been following the whole insane Internet phenomenon this movie had become before anyone had even seen it.

Samuel L. Jackson.
The movie title itself.
The opportunity to see Mr. Jackson use the "MF" term he uses so well.
The sheer B-movie mess it was sure to be.

Why wouldn't I want to see it?


My folks were in town the night it was opening in theaters, and I was leaving to head back here the next day. I figured I'd be able to catch it on video at some point.

That is until one day I was out at the theater in Tomakomai and noticed a poster advertising the flick here.



It started playing on Saturday, and I was determined to see it in the theater. So I called up my buddy Miller, who has a similarly warped sense of humor as I do, and we made plans to head out and see it.

Which we did.

First impression? I'm damn glad I didn't watch it before I got on a plane myself. I'd have been an absolute mess all the way back to Japan.

DAMN. The movie started off cheesy, and I was loving it. Just the kind of film I was looking for.

Then came the snakes.

DAMN. They featured just about every single poisonous snake you could think of. And they were, shall we say, efficient.

It really ended up creeping me out.

Of course there were ridiculous parts to the plot, but when the original concept is "Snakes On A Plane", you've pretty much suspended all your disbelief already.

Good times. Good times indeed.


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