Tuesday, May 22, 2007

While I'm At It...

Here's some photos I took during the massive week-long national holiday in Japan known as Golden Week.

Driving alongside the coast just north of Rumoi, I saw this sunset. It's just a sunset, not a nuclear explosion.

I visited an abandoned coal mine area in the hills outside of Haboro, about an hour north of Rumoi. I climbed up a rusty staircase to the top of the tallest building there and got this photo.

I'm lucky I didn't fall down in a hole or get eaten by a bear.

A shrine gate in Shosanbetsu, a town a little further up the coast.

The sun setting behind Rishiri Island, which is basically a mountain that pokes up out of the ocean.

The sunrise, taken at Cape Soya, the northernmost point in Japan.

On the ferry out to Rishiri Island.

I rented a scooter to zip around the island. 3000 yen for 6 hours. Not a bad deal.


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