Monday, January 16, 2006

Back To School

Today marked the end of winter vacation and the return of Starfish High's students back to our hallowed halls of education (snicker).

The first and second year students were welcomed back with...TESTS!!!!! Apparently it's not enough to give them mountains of homework to do over vacation, and require them to come to school for club activities during vacation. Nope. They also have to take tests the first two days they get back from vacation. Did you have a good vacation, guys? Hell no, we were studying the whole time!

As for the third year students, today was the last day they have to come to school until the day before graduation. The time in between is referred to as "jitaku gakushu", literally "studying at home."


Excuse me, I think I hurt my spleen, and I need to wipe the tears out of my eyes.

Are we really fooling anybody? No more tests or studying requirements for these guys the last three months before they go to university or find a job or whatever. I know that I wouldn't have studied, at home or anywhere else.

All I had to do today was administer a test. That's all. Jack didn't have anything to do either, so during our free time, we watched "Exorcist: The Beginning" on his computer. Oh, by the way, did I mention that Starfish High is a Catholic school?

In other news, Peyton Manning sucks. Hey everybody! Look! It's the Peyton Manning Face!


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