Thursday, January 26, 2006

Test Time!

Today Starfish High held its entrance exams (written and interview) for prospective students.

We only had 53 students apply. We'll be lucky if we get 40. This puts us in an economic "pinch" of sorts.

Four teams of two teachers each conducted the interview portion of the exam. I was paired with our very own Japanese Mafia look-alike, Mr. Nakajima.

I can't say much more about the test, as the whole process must be kept wrapped in secrecy and shadows.

But I can say this.

I sure hope some of the students Mr. Nakajima and I interviewed decide to come to Starfish High. There were some interesting kids in that group.

We were done before noon, and then the Big Boss (see also: principal) said we could leave after two. So I did.

I cruised on home and hopped on the Internet for a bit. I caught up with my folks, and we talked to each other via Skype. It was cool to be able to talk to both Mom and Dad at the same time. Good times.

After we finished talking, I debated whether I should go to sleep or go out and take care of a few things that needed taking care of. Sleep was sounding better and better, but I knew I had to get out and MOVE AROUND. I had been feeling a bit stir crazy at work, so I put off sleep, bundled up, and headed out.

First to the bank. I was a man on a mission, and this mission required cold, hard cash, preferably of the Japanese variety. So a half-hour trek to the bank for that withdrawal, and then from there, I walked over to Geo.

There are two Geos in Muroran. These are the stores you go to for electronics and video/DVD/game sales and/or rentals. Personally, I think I have a better variety in my own DVD collection, but that's another story. I walked to the first (closer) one, checked the prices on what I was looking for, wasn't satisfied with what I saw, so I decided to walk over to the bigger (farther) one.

By now I had been out and about for more than an hour, and the wind blowing in from the sea was pretty cold. But, it felt good to be out, doing something, so I kept on moving.

Once I got out to the bigger Geo, I checked the prices again. Just as I'd feared, they were the same. Oh well, I'd walked all the way out here to buy it, so by damn, I was gonna buy it.

A new Playstation 2.

Seeing as my old one had effectively died (this is becoming a bit of an annoying theme...I move to Hokkaido, and all my crap dies) back in October, I had been without Playstation goodness for over two months. Being without Playstation goodness is bad enough, but being without both Playstation goodness and VEHICULAR goodness? That's enough to drive a young man crazy(ier). My Playstation had been one of the things that had kept the bad voices at bay during those gray Shimane winters where you feel the life force drain out of you day by day. The winters are brighter here, but the lack of mobility (even when my car WAS working) was not helping.

Although, right about the time my Playstation died, I got the Internet hooked up, so I was good for a while. But enough was enough. I wanted to play Madden. I wanted to play Tony Hawk Pro Skater. I wanted to play Bushido Blade. (Remember that one, Czar?) So I shelled out the dough and bought a new one.

Now I had to get it home.

So I start hoofing it back home. Along the way, I make a pit stop at a massage parlor run by the father of one of the students at Starfish High. I got a thirty minute massage, walked the rest of the way home, cooked up some dinner, and, once dinner was done, sat down for some Playstation goodness.


Life is good again.


Blogger PeacefulWarrior said...

Bushido Blade is one of the greatest games ever played! I think we're both well over due for a rematch brotha!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006 3:16:00 PM  

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