Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring Sleepiness and Bad Dreams

According to some rumors I've seen on the Internet and some whispered tales in the hallways of Starfish High, it's spring.

I don't believe it. I think it's a dirty lie. For cryin' out loud, it snowed on Sunday night and Monday morning!

However, I am noticing the sun coming up a little earlier each morning and setting a little later each night.

I don't know if the two are connected, but I'm also noticing that I am sleepy as all heck lately. Like come home from work and go straight to bed sleepy. Like wake up to my 6:40 alarm clock but not actually get out of bed until 7:30 (and yet make it to school on time...I'm goooooooood) sleepy. Like "I wonder if I can sneak off and power nap for a couple of hours" sleepy.

So I've been getting a little more sleep than usual as of late.

I've never been one to really need a lot of sleep. Five hours a night works fine for me, plus one power sleep-in weekend each month. I function just fine. My body just doesn't feel tired until late at night.

I'm guessing that this is one of those "Enjoy it while you're young, kiddo" things.

Here's another thing that I'm not sure is connected to the other things or not: lately, I've been having disturbing nightmares. Just dreams where I've woken up feeling really uneasy about things. Sometimes I'm in them, sometimes I'm not. But I always wake up ill at ease.

I'm sure I dream all the time, but I don't usually remember my dreams. Lately, though, these nightmares have been really vivid, and while I never have the same one twice, I have one every night. Especially when I get a lot of sleep.

My theory: I'm sleeping too much and my body can't handle it.
My parents' theory: I never sleep enough, so now that I'm finally getting enough sleep, my mind's trying to take care of all the mental garbage up there.
CG's theory: I watch too many zombie movies.

I would go with CG's theory, even though my dreams haven't involved flesh-eating zombies (yet), except for the fact that I haven't been watching much TV at all lately. Or DVDs.

I don't know what's going on upstairs (not that I ever really have). I wish it would stop, but something tells me this is going to continue for a while.


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