Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mom and Dad Visit Japan - 3/23/2007 to 4/4/2007

These are some pictures from when Mom and Dad came to visit me here in Hokkaido from March 23rd to April 4th, 2007. A 2,500 kilometer trip all over Hokkaido.

The ever-popular Kani Goden, a huge tourist trap in Shiraoi that features not only a giant wooden bear and salmon on its roof, but also a giant crab on the roadside sign.

A whole bundle of English teachers came out for a party for my folks at Rantaro. Thanks to everyone who came!

Out at Cape Chikyu.

We took a tour of the forge at the Japan Steel Mills factory here in Muroran. They make swords!

Mom, Dad, and a Samani sunset.

Mom and Dad at Cape Erimo.

At Marumatsu Shokudo with the lady that runs the place. Damn good butadon.

Mom and Dad in a wine barrel at the Tokachi Winery in Ikeda.

This is the place I talked about in this post. Mom and Dad loved it too.

Words cannot even describe... absolutely unnecessary it was to plow this road. Makes a good photo, though.

At Lake Mashu, which is famous for being covered in fog. We lucked out.

Swans at Lake Kussharo.

This is carved from wood, and is HUGE.

Eisaku showing off his ninja skillz.

We all went out for tempura shrimp rice bowls here. That's Eisaku and Aoki with Mom and Dad. You should have seen the smile on Dad's face.

At Ippuku-tei with Araki-san, the night before Mom and Dad left to go back.


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Let me know what your flight/driving housing needs are. ANYTHING at all.

you want prime rib or salmon?

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