Thursday, January 19, 2006

R.I.P. Wasabi-kun 1993-2006

Wasabi-kun died today.

I got out of the house a little late today, and ended up having to drive to school in a blizzard.

At lunch, I drove back home to grab a CD that I needed. I figured while I was here, I'd fix up a sandwich and eat it before I went back to school.

I headed back to the car with time to spare. Only, the engine won't start. I keep trying and keep trying, but no gas is getting to the engine. Bad fuel pump. So I run back upstairs, call Starfish High to tell them that my car died and I will be late for my 5th period class. Then I throw on some "walk outside in really cold weather" clothes, and hoof it back to school.

At least he waited until he was in the garage to die. I just can't trust the engine to not die on me at an inopportune moment. No more driving Wasabi-kun. I will be walking and using public transportation until I can buy a new car.

In honor of the five and a half years of fun travels that Wasabi-kun and I shared, I will make a photo memorial to Wasabi-kun. Most of these shots are from last summer, when I drove from Shimane up to Hokkaido. Most were taken at prefectural borders.

In front of my old apartment on July 27th, 2005. Departing Izumo.

Taken at the Shimane - Tottori Prefectural border, 7/28/05.

Anyway, Wasabi-kun, it's been a blast touring this country with you. Thank you for putting up with me for so long. I'll miss you, bud.


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