Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bloodthirsty Butchers

I headed up to Sapporo this weekend.

The reason? Well, while it would have been fun to see the Nippon Ham Fighters victory parade, that wasn't my reason for heading that way.

Today was a day to ROCK.

I took off from Muroran and drove up to Tomakomai. On the way there, I stopped in Kojohama to buy a birthday present for a friend. Yep, I gave her crabs again this year. The cool thing about the store I went to is that the father of one of my students runs it. This guy is an awesome salesman. I just went to see what was there, and two minutes later I was filling out the shipping label for a king crab.

I'm still not quite sure how that happened.

We talked a bit, and after telling him I worked at Starfish High, he said, "Shipping's on me. You're my daughter's teacher, after all."


I also stopped by another store and picked up some salmon roe for some friends back in Izumo before continuing on my way.

In Tomakomai, I parked my car and caught a train to Sapporo. Once there, I checked in to my hotel, went and did some Christmas shopping for my family, met a friend and had some ramen, and then headed over to Bessie Hall.

Tonight's featured acts?

I was there to see the bloodthirsty butchers.

I caught a butchers show in Hiroshima last year about a month before I left Shimane. I'd heard good things about them, but after Number Girl's guitarist Hisako Tabuchi joined them after Number Girl broke up, I knew I had to see them.

Tabuchi is a guitar goddess. She's small, but the sounds she can make come out of an electric guitar...Gawd Awlmaighty!

So I saw them play live, and I was annihilated (in a good way). Listening to them play live is not so much actually listening to music as it is being showered in music, or crashing into a wall of sound. The vocals are just one part of the whole cacophony. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

So when I found out they would be playing right in my own backyard (so to speak), I bought a ticket and waited in sweet antici....






And they delivered again. Absolutely fantastic stuff.

Plus, Tabuchi-san is married to the vocalist, Yoshimura-san, and their kid was at the show. It was funny, because just as they were getting ready to play, I saw Tabuchi-san smiling. I looked to where she was looking, and saw her daughter giggle and wave at Mom.

That was a sweet sight to see.

Of the other bands there that night, I was most impressed by High Voltage. Loud, fast, passionate rock. Cool stuff. The first band of the night, Discharging Man, was rather bland. Their songs all sounded the same. It was funny to see how the crowd changed between sets, especially between High Voltage and Slang's set.

All of the sudden I was surrounded by guys in hooded sweatshirts and baseball caps who looked like they were there more to fight than watch a rock show. I felt, shall we say, slightly uncomfortable, perhaps even a bit in danger. Once Slang started playing, I knew why.

Chaos. Absolute, unbridled chaos.

But their guitarist was cool.

The butchers set was about an hour long and was as amazing as the last time I had seen them. I was lucky enough to get a set list, and after waiting around a bit after the show...

...I got everyone's autograph!

It was cool, because I also got to talk to Tabuchi-san, who I hadn't talked to since the last Number Girl show I saw back in 2002, right before they broke up. Tabuchi-san is very cool.

I went out drinking after the show, then headed back to my hotel.

Today, before heading back to Muroran, I went and saw Children of Men.

Wow. Good film. The scary thing is how believable the story is. It will leave you thinking for quite a while. Oh, and Clive Owen is The Man. That's all there is to it.

A little more Christmas shopping, then back on the train to Tomakomai, back in the car, and after a quick stop at a hot spring, I cruised on home.

Not a bad weekend.

bloodthirsty butchers rock my world.

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Not sure if you watch the Office...but you should. check out this clip
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